Massage & Spa Services

The Spa has a direct phone number: 706.250.2123 
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Popular Packages

 Our 1.5 Hour Relaxation Package:  Our most popular package includes a one-hour Relaxation Massage with an Anti-Stress Facial Treatment or sole soother.  $105. .

Our Gentlemen's Special: Offers a 90-minute massage combined with your choice of a gent's facial treatment or a sole soother. (2 hours) $135

For Couples: Any two people are welcomed to enjoy services together in our couple's treatment room.
Just ask when making your reservations.

  Massage & Spa Menu

Massage Therapies

Ease sore or tight muscles, relax, enhance circulation and detoxify with one of our therapeutic massages. Our Certified Massage Therapists are multi-disciplined allowing you to choose which type of massage suits you best.

  • Swedish/Relaxation Massage: Offers light to deeper levels of pressure depending on your preference and is the massage of choice for many clients.  This massage includes an aromatherapy scent if you'd like - just ask your therapist.  A 30-minute Stress Reliever, focusing on tension in your neck and shoulders is also available when added with other services.  (55 or 85 minutes) $70/95
  • A Touch of Stone: This massage perfectly combines our Relaxation Massage with just the right touch of heated basalt stones to melt away aches, tension and stiffness while providing a profound sense of relaxation. (55 or 85 minutes) $80/$110
  • Bindi Oil Massage: For many of our massages we use a lovely hydrating lotion combined with a light oil. Bindi oil is different in that it balances rich oils and ayruvedic herbs, along with plant and flower essences and aromatherapy to soothe the nervous system, nourish muscle tissue, improve circulation, and hydrate your skin to a silky smooth freshness. A light powder dusting will help remove excess oil or you may enjoy a shower afterward. (55 or 85 minutes) $75/100

  • Deep Tissue Massage: This massage is well-suited for relief from vigorous sports, injury, or chronic pain. The very deep massage is usually targeted on one or two specific areas of the body. Deep Tissue/Sports. (55 or 85 minutes. ($85/110)
  • Pregnancy Massages: Offered at the same rate as our Swedish/Relaxation Massage. Please be aware that massage therapy is contraindicated during the first trimester but considered safe thereafter.
  • Hot Spot Massage:    This massage targets specific areas of the body in need of special attention.  It can be used as an 25 minute add-on for $35 or $45 as a stand alone treatment.

Facial Treatments

Our exquisite facial products are gentle, pure, and full of the magic of fresh fruits and botanicals.
  • Anti-Stress Facial Massage: Offering just the right combination of relaxation, nutrient rich cleansing and botanical  toning. With warm compresses, soothing massage and nourishing therapy treatment, your skin will be very soft and refreshed. This lovely facial employs an apricot cleansing milk,  a lemon sugar scrub infused with vitamin C honey and fresh lemon, followed by our blossom and leaf toning refresher with aloe vera and uplifting geranium and finishing with a  nourishing berry complex facial    lotion . (30 minutes) $40
  • Peaceful European Facial Massage:  This revitalizing facial massage follows the same steps as our Anti-Stress facial massage at a slower pace while adding  a nourishing Avo Cocoa Skin Food Mask containing avocado, vitamin E and pure cocoa.  Your face, neck, shoulders and hands will be massaged while your mask penetrates (55 minutes) $70

  • Our Glycolic Facial adds a step to our European Facial where glycolic acid is applied while you enjoy warm towels.  Glycolic acid is a naturally occurring substance found in sugar cane.  It works to gently exfoliate and remove dead skin cells, leaving fresh, soft, bright new skin behind. Well-suited for aging skin or for anyone wanting a fresh glow. Your facial finishes with toning and moisturizing. (55 minutes) $75
  • Our Microdermabrasion Facial also follows the steps of the European Facial while adding a fine granular scrub.  We manually apply this organic product to help boost collagen production, diminish fine lines and stimulate the proteins that keep your skin healthy and vibrant.  Your facial finishes with toning and moisturizing. (55 minutes) $80.

    Body Therapies

  • Blissful Hand Treatment: During this treatment your hands are first moisturized and then dipped in paraffin wax. Next they are snuggled into warm mittens to soften and relax. Your treatment finishes with a lovely hand massage. (30 minutes) $35
  • Sole Soother: Beginning with warm compresses, your feet are gently exfoliated with our Peppermint Lavender Foot Scrub and then your lower legs and feet are soothingly massaged with our intensive hydrating Peppermint Lavender Foot Balm. (30 minutes) $40
  • Reflexology with Angi Reid is available on Mondays only - please see Angi's contact info on the "About Us" page to schedule

You might also consider add-on services from our wellness staff such as a stress reduction and relaxation session, guided imagery, hypnosis, yoga, meditation or acupuncture. Please ask for details.

Spa Etiquette and Pointers

Please let us know in advance if you have physical concerns or health issues or if you are pregnant since some services may be contraindicated.

Please arrive a few minutes early for your appointment to talk with your therapist.  Regrettably, a late arrival will result in a shortened appointment time to allow the therapist to be prompt for her next client.
A 15-20% gratuity is customary for spa services and is not included in the price of your treatments.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel a reservation, please give us at least 48 hours notice in order to avoid a 50% fee.  If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice, we'll charge the full fee for your services.  We set aside time for each guest and can rarely fill that time with less than a day's notice.

We can occasionally accommodate guests on short notice, however we highly recommend you call in advance to make your reservation. We  look forward to hearing from you.